Brewery Adventure: The Veil Brewing Co.

Our 2nd stop in Richmond was The Veil Brewing Co., just a few minutes’ drive from The Answer. As soon as we pulled into the parking lot, we were surrounded by a ton of people drinking outside, many with dogs on leashes. To be honest, between this and our 3rd stop in Richmond, it was probably the most dogs I’ve seen in one day at a brewery. Not sure if that’s because it’s more of a Richmond thing, or if the local PA breweries just don’t have the same fun open spaces for pups!

The outdoor area looked large and cozy, with plush couches forming intimate corners to sit back and relax, talk to friends, and enjoy your beer. The Food Truck area is located next to the seating, depending on the day/vendor. That day,  RVA Brasa was grilling up seafood on some open flames, and it smelled amazing! On the other side of the lot is a huge shipping container stack with some art work by The Veil. It was half covered with a tarp for a projector to show on it. I am assuming they do some sort of film nights? But didn’t see anything specific on their website under Events.

Walking through the open garage door, we saw that the bar setup was a single roped line. In the past, I’ve been to breweries like this and I was definitely not a fan, since the line would back up and you basically had to start waiting right after getting your beer. However, The Veil had four or five bartenders on at all times, which moved the line super quick. In addition to the single draft line, they have a separate line down the way for merchandise purchases.

Above the bar is the most perfect, Instagram picture ready bulb sign displaying their name. It’s those Hollywood bulbs that social media fans crave!


I decided to start the day with Human Adult, a collaboration with Trillium Brewing Company. First, they brewed Adult Human at Trillium – a DIPA with 100% Citra hops and blood orange puree. They “wanted to do something that was #thesamebutdifferent“, so they used the same malt and yeast, but switched up the fruit puree to guava and only a single hop of 100% Vic Secret.

I had been lucky enough to try Adult Human back in late August and had given it a 2.75 on my Untappd, noting that it was a bit overpowering of the Citra hops at the end. I definitely enjoyed The Veil’s Human Adult guava version better, giving it a 3.5 on Untappd. The guava paired well with the hops for a smooth outcome, although you could definitely tell it was 9.2% beer.

Luckily, I had gotten the smaller pour since I knew there would be a few of the higher ABV’s on my list, and we had another 6 hours of driving to go. While sipping this one, I got to sit and check out the interesting decor in the brewery, which is not what I was expecting. I’m going to describe it as: “Hunting Lodge Industrial Chic”.

In addition to the Hollywood bulb light fixture, they used lots of industrial piping and light fixtures. Mixed in with these, were a bunch of mounted or standing stuffed animals.


So yeah, definitely a decor that was unexpected and unique!



The overall vibe felt laid back and fun – especially with the open garage doors, nice weather, and all the pets in attendance.








At the back of one side of seating was the view into where the magic happens. I always like to be nosy and scope out what kind of set up the different breweries are working with. It was interesting to see their whole barrel set up:

One of my favorite small details about The Veil, is that you are served beer in, what I believe, is just a large wine glass. Makes you feel a bit classy, and I bet alot less glasses get stolen because there are no markings on them. Win – win for both sides.

The other beers I tried while there:

If You’re Drinking This It’s Too Late (Untappd: 4) A double imperial IPA hopped with 50% Citra and 50% Vic Secret. This one was super smooth (seems I really enjoy the Vic Secret hops in the Veil beers!)

Too Far Outta Sight (Untappd: 3.75) A hazy IPA that is 50% Citra and 50% Nelson Hops. I thought that the Citra gave it a nice smooth flavor.

And my favorite of the day….

Involved (Untappd: 4.5) A pilot batch IPA with Galaxy, Citra, and Mosaic, fermented with an experimental blend of 3 “expressive yeast strains”. The first thing I noticed about this beer was its AMAZING scent! And it continues throughout the taste. Whatever the expressive yeast strains are, they sure killed it with this beer, with a smooth taste throughout.

Before heading out to continue our road trip down to Charleston, we picked up some merchandise. I grabbed the Veil/Trillium friendship glass and an allotment of the Never Together cases: a Gose with Himalayan sea salt and conditioned on blood orange puree (Untappd: 4)


Overall thoughts on The Veil: A laid back brewery, perfect to visit during nice weather, that has some amazing hazy IPA’s…just be careful on the pours and watch the ABV’s! Oh, and be on the lookout for the taxidermy!

Next up, will be my review of our first brewery stop in Charleston: Two Blokes Brewing.

Stay Tuned…


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