LVBG Beer Fest

Last Saturday, Lost Tavern Brewing (Hellertown), hosted their 2nd annual Lehigh Valley Brewer’s Guild Beer Festival. This was my first year attending, and I was especially excited for this one, since my “normal” summer HopsFest was canceled. Even more exciting was the fact that I could come out and support all the local breweries with my friends, for a fun filled day drinking event. I had been to visit all of the breweries before, with the exception of: Colony Meadery (Bethlehem), Cave Brewing (Bethlehem), Funk Brewing (Emmaus), HiJinx Brewing (Allentown), and Hardball Cider (Bethlehem) (to be fair, only 3 of those brew beer, and no offense to Colonoy, but I’m not a big mead fan).


Picture this: It’s been two weeks of 60 degree weather, I just bought a comfy grey cutout sweater from Target, and am excited to try some new pumpkin beers. Like the marshmallow one Lost Tavern posted that morning (talkin’ about you – Mallow Nights on Nitro!). And then it’s 83 degrees. And mostly sunny. And my pale skinned, fall loving self wants to cry.

“But Alison, an 80 degree summer drinking day is perfect!”

To each their own.


Luckily, the side street of Lost Tavern was half covered in shade from the building, and they had a nice spacey tent with standing tables in the back. So the space itself was ideal. Check in was a breeze, and we immediately picked up our “commemorative” glasses, which were luckily mini glass can ones (we had been betting about on the way over).

In the beginning, I tried to orderly follow the arrangement of tents by going down the line. Lost Tavern was strategically first, with Cloud 7, Sour Dreams, and S’morter available. I started the day with Sour Dreams, since it’s a highly rated beer (per myself on Untappd) I’ve had before. Surprisingly, since porters are just starting to grow on me, my favorite from Lost Tavern that day was S’morter. The graham cracker / marshmallow / chocolate was an amazing blend. Clearly, a few beers in, my “straight down the line plan” turned into whatever my liver was telling me should be next.

That morning, Two Rivers (Easton), had posted something I was eager to try: Nevin’s Blind Eye – a merlot wine / beer combo. Unfortunately, they were not serving that until 3pm (two hours after the 1pm start time). I not so patiently waited, and stood in line with the several other small groups excited to try it as well once the time came around. Nevin’s was exactly as advertised: merlot mixed with beer, which, turns out, isn’t the greatest combo, despite my love for both drinks.


From the Two Rivers tent, my favorite of the day was Ferryman Key Lime. The hint of key lime in the sour beer wasn’t overwhelming, but the right amount of refreshing island taste.

Drumroll for the overall favorite of the day…

Falliage from Funk!

If I had to wrap up fall in a drink, this beer would be it: pumpkin spice, Chai tea, carmel, the flavors are all there. I suspect some actual crunchy leaves might have been a secret ingredient. Or some basic Uggs and a PSL. Who knows. I mean, it’s all I had hoped for since the beginning of the day.

Special shoutouts to Yergey Brewing’s (Emmaus) Anna Banana, Fegley Brew Work’s (Bethlehem) Sour IPA, and Cave’s D’Bear.


After the three hours of festing came to an end, we decided to head over to Bonn Place Brewing (Bethlehem), who had decided to “sit this one out.” Ran in quick for a taste, and called it a day. A quick pit stop on the way home for some essential post day drinking pizza, and then I was out by 7:30. You know, like a typical responsible adult.

group (2)


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